Building a Perinton That Works For All of Us


Better communication from the town board and voluntary boards about when meetings are happening and what decisions were made.​ This includes posting voluntary board meeting minutes in accordance with open meetings laws that govern the release of said decisions.


Measure the town's Carbon footprint in order to understand where we can improve. Then create a fiscally responsible plan with actionable goals to reduce the town's environmental impact.

Create a municipal composting program. I myself have been composting in my back yard for 8+ years. I realize not everyone has the same privilege as me so a town wide plan should be created and adopted.

Be a partner to citizens and local groups advocating for positive sustainable and environmental change.

Reduce the amount of garbage coming into High Acres Landfill from outside of Monroe County.


Oversee the creation of a working Ethics Board that maintains best practices, trains staff and is capable of offering guidance on complex situations facing our town volunteers, employees and elected officials.

Planning for the Future

Improve partnership and planning between the Town of Perinton, Fairport Central School District and the Village of Fairport.


Ensure a community first approach is taken when making decisions about zoning changes.

Improve town bike-ability and walk-ability by increasing sidewalks, addressing problem traffic areas and overseeing the creation of a skate and bike park.

Preserve the town's green space from over development.